lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Rocket Minner - Songs for an October Sky [EP]

After playing together in various bands and realizing that a great singer is hard find, guitarists Larry Hryn and Chip Wortel decided to start a band focused on instrumental song writing. Musicians came and went until Chicago-via-Philly drummer Nick Biscardi auditioned, posing the perfect complement to the band’s unconventional songwriting style. Johnny Kullman would come shortly after to round out the rhythm section.

Despite this progress, a certain element still lacked. Guitarist Chris Ruffolo joined to fill that void. A project that has spent years in the making, a lineup is finally complete, and the new mission is to take the music to the masses. Audiences can expect loud, grandiose songs with dynamic layers and heavy rhythms.

A debut EP is expected in Fall 2011 on Jacuzzi Suit Records, with much more material to follow. (via thesirensound)


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