lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Between Days – All The Water; It Flows Out To Sea

Between Days is an indie/ambient/rock project from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. After spending two years writing and slowly recording material, on October 4th, 2011 Between Days’ debut album “All The Water; It Flows Out To Sea” was released on Lillian Records. It is available for pay what you want (but ultimately free) download via bandcamp. A plan is in motion to press the debut record on vinyl is in pipeline but it might take some time.

All The Water; It Flows Out To Sea was written by Kenny Miller starting in September of 2009 and ending in May of 2011. It was recorded by Adam Laub of Lillian Records from September of 2010 until September of 2011. Bobby Iacano mastered the album at Gradwell House in New Jersey. All artwork for the album was painted by Colin Frangicetto. Finally, the design and layout work was completed by Bren King. (Via Thesirensound)


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