miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011

Ned Hoper - Eleven

Ned Hoper – Australian composer working parallel with musicians around the world. This project is the only one named after its creator. The 16th of February 2007 is considered to be the official date of nH group birthday, but in fact these people teamed the year before working together at Rosa Orynbasarova’s (Роза Орынбасарова) movie “No other desires” (“Никаких других желаний”). After the premiere Mr. Hoper offered to raduga-701 and others to translate some of his texts and connect them with music. This is how the Russian part of multinational project of the extravagant composer saw the light.

The сommunication with Mr. Hoper is carried out through post, rarely through Internet. Each text [ if there is a text ] is painstakingly checked by Ned on “phonetic immersiveness with the musical material”, as he calls it himself. Sometimes it’s just a headache to translate texts adequately. Mr. Hoper believes that open projects (unlike bands with constant structure) are bent on experiments and easily produce fresh ideas. That’s why nH is an open project with constantly changing structure. This fact Ned Hoper asked not to publish. nH has almost no rehearsals. Instead they give chamber concert almost every week.


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